Medical Business Solutions, LLC


We focus on the interest of our clients, and their interest must always come first. We take great pride in the history and reputation of our company and in the quality and integrity of our personnel.

Most clients report they receive an increase in actual deposits after MBS took over the billing and collections.New clients can expect an increase of 20% in collections after changing to Medical Business Solutions, while at the same time reducing their overhead expenses.The net income for the organization will significant increase when one factors in the reduction of overhead expenses.

Direct Savings by utilizing Medical Business Solutions

  • Computer Hardware & Maintenance
  • Computer Software & Maintenance
  • Paper, Forms, Envelopes & Postage
  • Telephone Systems & Telephone Lines
  • Office Furniture of Billing Staff
  • Wages & Benefits for Billing Staff

Indirect Savings by utilizing Medical Business Solutions

  • Workers Compensation Fees
  • Unemployment Compensation Fees
  • Employer Taxes
  • Expensive Floor Space for Billing Staff
  • Hiring, Training and Managing Billing Personnel
  • Accounting Costs for Quarterly/Yearly Reporting
  • Education Costs to Keep Staff Abreast of Changes in Coding & Billing Criteria


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