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J. Nelson Mullis
Facility Claims Analyst
Medical Business Solutions, LLC

Mr. J. Nelson Mullis Medical Business Solutions, LLC in July, 2010. He serves as a facility claims specialist with the firm. Mr. Mullis and his staff specialize in claims filed for Ambulatory Surgical Center Claims (ASCs).These claims are filed on an UB-04, generally, and specialize in providing surgery, pain management, and certain diagnostic (e.g., colonoscopy) services in an outpatient setting.Overall, the services provided can be generally called procedures.

Mr. Mullis specializes in the processing of out-of-network surgery center claims. He analyses the payment, as facility claims are processed, to ensure the claim was paid appropriately to maximize the facilities reimbursement. He and his staff work closely with each facility to keep the patient actively involved in getting their claim processed and paid.

Mr. Mullis has quickly adapted to his new career, and has implemented new protocols that have streamlined the process of facility claims.Additionally, he serves as the OSHA Compliance Official at Medical Business Solutions, and is responsible for all compliance staff training. Mr. Mullis was Associate of the Quarter for October, November & December 2010.

Prior to joining Medical Business Solutions, Mr. Mullis was a Senior Manager for Peach State Pies, supervising the operations of 4 Dominos’ Pizza stores, in middle Georgia. Mr. Mullis earned a BS in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. Upon graduating from Georgia Tech, Mr. Mullis worked for UOP, Inc. to design and start up new petrochemical units in the 1990s. During his employment with that organization, Mr. Mullis was startups in Malaysia, South Africa and Saudi Arabia.

He is an active member in the AMBA (American Medical Billing Association) and HMBA (Healthcare Billing and Management Association).

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