Transcription Services

We are very competitive rates on our Transcription Services. Providers receive a two week trial to test our services. At the end of the trial period, you received a quote based on your Most providers find that our services are less expensive than the current service being

The technology advances and the wide availability of digital handheld recorders have revolutionized Medical Transcription. Unlike a telephone, digital voice recorders are specifically designed for voice dictation and therefore have a host of features to enhance and assist both dictation and transcription, which are not available using a telephone line.

Doctors enjoy the added benefit of the mobility of digital voice recorders. Dictation can be performed anywhere and at any time at the touch of a button, giving complete flexibility and convenience. The additional advantage of noise cancellation features considerably reduces noise and unwanted sound distractions for improved clarity and quality of transcription.

MBS Transcription Services offer:

  • Accurate & Swift Services
  • 100% HIPPAA Compliant
  • 24 Hours Chart Turn Around
  • Secure Web Based Access
  • Reduced Transcription Cost

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